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friendsbychoice is a group of passionate supporters committed to advancing Planned Parenthood’s mission to provide reproductive health care and education to the community. Members believe that everyone deserves access to health care and has the right to make informed decisions about their own reproductive health.

Members are invited to fundraising, outreach, and networking events throughout the year.

Annual Membership is $60/year or $5/month

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friendsbychoice Co-Chairs                         

Rachel Hirshberg                                                                            

Valerie Kennedy

Women’s Leadership Circle

The Women’s Leadership Circle is a group of philanthropic women dedicated to advancing the conversation about reproductive health care and education nationally, and openly supporting Planned Parenthood locally. (The Women’s Leadership Circle does not accept anonymous gifts.) Members share a commitment to ensuring that all women of future generations are empowered to shape their own lives and futures.

Members are invited to exclusive social, educational, and advocacy events throughout the year.   

Annual Membership is $1,000/year or $84/month

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WLC Co-Chairs

Shanti Parikh, PhD

Dana Sandweiss

Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri