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drperson125113.pngOne in five women has turned to Planned Parenthood at some time in her life for professional, non-judgmental, and confidential care.

Abortion is a safe and legal medical procedure for a woman to consider, if and when she needs it.

Having a child is an important choice, and knowing all your options can help you to make the best decision.  Remember that you have options when facing a pregnancy.  Whether you choose adoption, parenthood, or abortion, getting all the information about each possibility will help you to make and feel good about your decision.

Visit your local Planned Parenthood to learn more about your options and discuss them with healthcare professionals.

For more information or if you have questions, call 314-531-7526 or toll-free at 1-800-230-PLAN.

There Are 2 Methods?
In the United States, there are two different types of abortion: in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill.  The method you choose will depend on the time-scale of your pregnancy and your personal health and emotional concerns.

In-Clinic Abortion at a Glance:
There are two kinds of in-clinic abortions: aspiration and D&E (dilation and evacuation). 
- Aspiration is usually performed up to 16 weeks after a woman’s last period. 
- D&E is usually performed after that 16 week period has passed.

In-clinic abortions are effective and safe.  However, the risks increase as the length of pregnancy increases.  You can learn more about safety, effectiveness, and the actual steps of the procedure by reading these frequently asked questions about in-clinic abortions. 

The Abortion Pill at a Glance:
A medical abortion with the abortion pill can be done up to 9 weeks of pregnancy.  There are three steps to a medication abortion.  First, the abortion pill (mifepristone) works by blocking a hormone called progesterone that is necessary for a pregnancy to continue.  Then a second pill, called misoprostol, will cause the uterus to empty.  The third step is a follow-up appointment with your health care professional.  He or she will make sure the procedure has gone smoothly and then will either do an ultrasound or a blood test to make sure that the pregnancy has been terminated.

Medical abortion is safe and effective—the abortion pill works 97 times out of 100.  Most women who have had a medical abortion would recommend it to other women.  To learn more about the safety considerations and steps of medical abortion, read these commonly asked questions about the abortion pill.

Which Method Is Better?
Neither of these procedures is better or worse than the other.  If you choose to have an abortion, you will have to weigh your options and your health concerns to make the best choice for you.

Why the abortion pill?
- Available early, up to 9 weeks of pregnancy
- The abortion pill is a more private and less invasive method of ending pregnancy
- Anesthesia is not necessary.
- It might feel more natural to you, some women believe that medical abortion is similar to a miscarriage

Why an in-clinic abortion?
- If it is past 9 weeks of pregnancy
- If you are nervous or concerned about side-effects of a medical abortion
- If you feel more comfortable having a healthcare professional to be there and direct the procedure
- If you are taking medicine that should not be combined with the medications used in medical abortion
- If you are taking anti-clotting medication or have a blood-clotting disorder

What Are the Legal Issues?

Informed Consent in Missouri:
In Missouri you must obtain informed consent and wait 72 hours after obtaining this consent before having an abortion. You can obtain face-to-face informed consent from a licensed qualified professionals in multiple locations. Planned Parenthood offers informed consent services at many of locations.  

Under 18:
If you are under 18 in Missouri, you will need to get the permission of one parent or a judge before getting an abortion.  Read Commonly asked questions about Missouri Law regarding abortion for more information.  If you live in another state, check out the Parental Consent and Notification Laws page.

Where Can I Get an Abortion & How Much Does It Cost?
Many Planned Parenthood clinics offer both in-clinic abortion and the abortion pill, both in Missouri and Illinois.  The facilities that do not perform in-clinic abortions or the abortion pill can refer you to a near-by clinic that does.  

Both methods can cost between $470 to $1320 depending on how early in the pregnancy the procedure is done, and whether additional tests, visits, or exams are needed.

What Should I Do?
Have a conversation with a spouse, partner, or loved one.  Find someone supportive who can help you explore your needs and discuss your options.  Healthcare professionals at your local Planned Parenthood can give you more information to help you make the best decision for you and your physical and emotional health.

It is important to take the time you need to make your decision.  However, important steps must be taken early whether you choose adoption, parenthood, or abortion.  If you have decided that adoption or parenthood is best for you, pre-natal care should start as soon as possible.  If you decide that abortion is the best for you, then the risks are lower the earlier the procedure is performed.


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For more information or if you have questions, call 314-531-7526 or toll-free at 1-800-230-PLAN.