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Medlit.jpgWhat's On TV?

What's it about?

We are bombarded by literally hundreds of media images every day - on TV, the internet, billboards and in movies, magazines, and newspapers. Youth are the target of a large portion of these messages, which raises an important question: Are the messages that teens are receiving healthy or unhealthy? What can we do to help them navigate all these messages?

What you'll learn?

Through facilitation and an interactive presentation, participants learn:

  • What media is and why it exists,
  • That media are constructions,
  • How to deconstruct media and identify underlying attitudes, values, and messages - including, but not limited to, messages about sex, beauty, and relationships,
  • How to compare personal values with those displayed in different media,
  • How to distinguish healthy from unhealthy media messages, and
  • How to create their own media with positive health messages.

For more information, contact an educator at (314) 531-7526 ext. 329.