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Care Connection

When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak. - Audre Lorde

Care Connection is a sexual and reproductive health and rights blog by Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

Planned Parenthood Volunteer Newsletter: September 2020

Welcome to the September Volunteer Newsletter from the Community Engagement Team at Planned Parenthood! Each month we provide updates, resources, and upcoming volunteer opportunities on this blog and straight to your inbox.

If you have any questions about our volunteer programs or this newsletter, please contact the Community Engagement team at [email protected].

Sept. 21, 2020

Telehealth is here at Planned Parenthood - Make an Appointment [Podcast]

Telehealth is creating a safe and convenient future for health care. People who have used it, like it. Learn how it works at Planned Parenthood and how to make an appointment regardless of insurance or ability to pay.

Sept. 10, 2020

Why Sex Education Is Important [Podcast]

Comprehensive sex education has positive effects, including increasing young people's knowledge and improving their attitudes related to sexual and reproductive health and behaviors. Contrary to popular belief, it does not increase sexual activity, risky behavior or STI/HIV infection rates.

Aug. 25, 2020

Learn about Birth Control & Birth Control Cost Options [Podcast]

More than half of the women in the United States are in their childbearing years. The majority do not want an unintended pregnancy. A July 2020 ruling by the Supreme Court exempted businesses, universities and moral objectors from providing birth control with insurance coverage. A person's ability to use contraception to prevent unintended pregnancies is associated with broad health, social and economic benefits.

Aug. 18, 2020

How to Get Tested for STIs At Home

Although telehealth wasn’t a new concept prior to COVID-19, many more health services are available virtually to keep patients safe while also meeting their health care needs during the pandemic. At Planned Parenthood, one of those available services is STI testing! Patients can now get tested for STIs at home, and here’s how to do it:

Aug. 11, 2020

Planned Parenthood Volunteer Newsletter: August 2020

Thank you to our many dedicated volunteers, interns, and supporters who made it possible for Missouri to become the 38th state to expand Medicaid! Medicaid expansion makes sense for Missouri, and this historic victory would not have been possible without the Planned Parenthood volunteers who gathered petition signatures, phone banked, and shared information about the benefits of expansion with friends and family.

Aug. 7, 2020

Planned Parenthood Volunteer Newsletter - July 2020

Welcome to the July Volunteer Newsletter from the Community Engagement Team at Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region! Each month we send updates, resources, and upcoming volunteer opportunities straight to your inbox. Our volunteers have managed to stay busy as everyone continues to do social distancing and virtual events.

July 9, 2020

Everything you need to know about the patch, pill and ring

The patch, pill and ring are birth control methods made with the hormones estrogen and progestin. They prevent you from getting pregnant by stopping the eggs from leaving the ovaries and making it harder for sperm to get to the eggs.

June 30, 2020

Racial Equity 101: Resources to Get Started

Below is a selection of resources for white and non-black people of color to get started on exploring racial inequity in America. All videos are free to access!

June 18, 2020

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