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Caring for Yourself.

Stress and wildfire smoke can harm you in multiple ways. Smoke can hurt your eyes, irritate your respiratory system, and worsen chronic heart and lung diseases. Stress and trauma can be hard on your nervous system, impact your ability to concentrate, prevent you from taking care of yourself, and interfere with getting adequate rest.

The sites below provide information on how you can protect your health and be safe during these stressful times.

Resources to help manage your health and well being.


  • Tips for Coping with Trauma
    Don’t minimize the fear or the seriousness of these wildfire events. How people respond to trauma varies somewhat from person to person. Individual factors such as how you usually handle stressful situations and what kind of support you have both at work and in your personal life may influence both your short-term and long-term reactions.

Smoke Exposure

Meditation Apps

  • Head Space
    Explore guided mindfulness exercises, videos, and more to help you get healthier and happier.

  • Calm
    Famous For Its Guided Meditations & Sleep Stories. Listen To Relaxing Music And More. Ease Your Stress And Try Calm For Free.