Planned Parenthood

Southwestern Oregon

Need help getting a health plan?

If you are in Lane County and need assistance with the OHP application or have questions please call 541-543-5484 to make an appointment for free one on one help.

If you need an OHP application, stop by one of our health centers to pick up an application packet.

Health insurance is important, but confusing. At Planned Parenthood we can make it easier. Planned Parenthood offers one on one help to get people signed up for health insurance, and it’s free. Call 541-543-5484 to set up an appointment today with an application assister in Lane County.

Since December 2013 PPSO's Certified  Application Assisters have helped over 4,000 people (which represents 1,850 families) gain access to health coverage. Once insured, the Assisters also provided education to these individuals and families on how to use this coverage. This has been a huge success and accomplishment in our community.

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Need help getting a health plan?