Planned Parenthood

Southwestern Oregon

Need help getting a health plan?

Planned Parenthood can help you get signed up for health coverage!

Confused about the new health insurance changes?

Need helping signing up for OHP or private insurance plans?

We Can Help!

We have Certified Application Assisters who can answer your questions and help you sign up for the Oregon Health Plan or Healthy Kids. They can also refer you to an agent who can help you pick a Qualified Health Insurance Plan through HealthCare.gov. The open enrollment period for QHP plans is November 1st 2015 through January 31st 2016. If you enrolled in a QHP last year, you need to re-enroll this year! You can enroll in OHP anytime of the year. Call our assisters for free help and answers to your questions.

Call 541-543-5484 or 541-543-7664

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon is helping to ensure all Oregonians know about the many health insurance options and financial help available. We are committed to building a strong, healthy, community.

What you’ll need to sign up for OHP or new insurance plans:

  • Social Security number, if you have one
  • Alien Resident number, if you have one (you may qualify even if you don’t have one)
  • Birth dates
  • Name of your employer, if you have one
  • Your income information
  • Information about health care that is available through your employer
  • Policy numbers and plan names for any current insurance you may have
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Need help getting a health plan?