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In-school Programs

"The instructors take what can be a sensitive subject and handle it with insight and individual awareness. Bravo Planned Parenthood."

-- 5th Grade Teacher, Bethel School District


PPSO provides sex education programs for elementary, middle, and high school. Each series of lessons aligns with Oregon Health Education Standards


PPSO’s lessons are adapted to meet the needs of particular programs, serving traditional and alternative education settings.  We partner with over 70 schools and community programs that work with young people in Lane, Linn, Douglas Jackson and Josephine Counties.

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For more information about PPSO’s youth leadership program, click here.

Elementary School

Over the course of three 75-minute sessions, PPSO’s elementary school program addresses the following content: 

• Anatomy and Physiology of Human Reproductive Systems

• Puberty

• Pregnancy

PPSO provides 1-hour Parent Preview sessions for our Elementary Program in advance of the scheduled lessons. This gives parents and parenting adults of the 5thgraders an opportunity to meet the PPSO educator, view instructional materials, ask questions, and receive a resource packet.

Middle School

The middle school program builds on concepts taught in elementary school. A series of 50-minute lessons are scheduled for each grade level. PPSO’s middle school program addresses the following content:


• Anatomy and Physiology Review 

• Consent

• Puberty

7th and 8th Grades

• Sexual Decision-Making

• Consent

• Healthy Relationships

• Gender Identity and Sexuality

8th Grade

• Birth Control/Sexual Protection

• Consent

• Sexually Transmitted Infections

High School

Each lesson in the high school program series is designed for a 75-minute class, but can be adapted to a 50-minute schedule.  The series includes the following lessons, adapted to the specific grade level:

9th - 12th Grades:

• Consent

• Healthy Relationships

• Birth Control

• Sexually Transmitted Infections

• Gender Identity and Sexuality

11th and 12th Grades only:

• Reproductive Rights

Peer Education

Research shows that teens get most of their information from other teens and prefer talking to someone of their own age about personal concerns.

Peer education programs have been used as public health strategies to promote various positive health behaviors.

PPSO’s REV youth receive extensive training on health, sexuality, presentation techniques, and answering difficult questions – strengthening their leadership skills. PPSO’s REV Peer Educators provide accurate information in presentations to middle school students on topics such as healthy relationships and consent. REV Peer Educators will strengthen their peers’ skills in building healthy relationships, communication, consent and decision making with content tied to Oregon Department of Education’s Standards and Guidelines for Sex Education.

For more information about PPSO’s youth leadership program, click here.