REV(OLUTION) is a powerful youth leadership program that engages young people in educating their communities about sexual health issues and policies that are relevant to their lives.

We believe young people have much to contribute and provide youth partners with opportunities to empower themselves, educate their peers, network within their communities and create positive change.

REV is youth-led and conducts several projects throughout the academic year:

Peer Education

  • Empower youth and their families through interactive presentations about healthy relationships and healthy sexuality

Youth Action Council

  • Advocate for teen sexual health issues through community outreach, education and action

Adolescent Health Care Communication Project

  • Train health care providers to improve communication between them and their teen patients

Join the REVolution! Nothing about youth, without youth!

Planned Parenthood is currently recruiting youth ages 15-19 to create the healthiest generation ever! Become a youth advocate for sexual and reproductive rights and educate yourself, your friends and your community about important issues. Give back while advocating for young people's rights, earning community service hours, eating free food and being a part of the sexual health revolution. 

REV applications for our youth partnership program in Lane County are due by August 29th, 2017. 

Rogue Valley - REV Rising
Email to [email protected]
Download an application for Rogue Valley

REV applications for our youth partnership program in Rogue Valley are due by August 29th, 2017.