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55 Reasons ~
Why We Want You to be our Valentine!

Roses are pink, Violets are blue, 
This Valentine’s Day, we have 55 reasons to thank you!

To make PPSO your Valentine this year, visit bit.ly/supportppso.


You care. No Matter What. 


You promote and protect access to reproductive health care and sex education.


You make this work possible.  


You invest in a stronger, healthier, and more resilient community. 


You value high-quality health care and comprehensive sex education. 


You’ve kept Oregon on the map as THE BEST state in the country for access to reproductive health care and sex education. 


You ensure high-quality health care for all. 


You stand for reproductive rights for everyone. 


You allow our educators to ensure that young people and adults have the skills and information they need to make healthy decisions at every stage of life.  


You ensure our community can access the care, education, and advocacy they need.  


You are an essential partner in this work.  


You allowed us to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic to keep our patients and staff safe. 


You ensure that the more than 31,000 Oregonians each year are able to access the care and sex education they need and trust. 


You are making a positive difference in your community. 


You value reproductive health care and comprehensive sex education.  


You continue to fight to ensure health care is a human right.  


You defend reproductive freedom at the local, state, and federal level.  


You support new initiatives and programs that help us better serve our community. 


You allow us to provide care to our 8-county region. 


You support the education and training programs that change lives.  


You choose to show up for your community.  


You allow our health centers to continue offering the health care services that so many rely on. 


You make the future of reproductive health care, education and rights look bright. 


Your dedication keeps us moving forward.  


You advocate for reproductive rights in your community. 


You maintained a pro-choice majority here in Oregon at the ballot box. 


You stand with us to ensure that abortion stays safe and legal.


It is your voice that protects the rights of Oregonians and people across the country.  


You’ve made it clear that access is essential. 


You care about your friends, neighbors, and your community.  


You give us hope for a better future.  


You allow us to defend and expand access here in Oregon – and beyond. 


You ensure our mission remains the same. 


You ensure everyone has the right to choose what is best for them. 


You help breakdown the stigma of reproductive health care. 


You ensure our health centers have the resources they need. 


You fight for a brighter and healthier future for all. 


You ensure our educators can provide sex education across the nation. 


You ensure health care is a human right.  


You’ve enabled our educators to provide ~900 hours of education programming yearly. 


You are the heart and soul of PPSO. 


You stand with us against unethical and harmful attacks on care. 


You ensure what we do matters. 


You allow our health centers to reach more people in more places through telehealth. 


You support the providers and services that deliver care to those that need it.  


Your dedication allows us to expand our care. 


Your commitment is inspiring. 


Your support tells patients they can rely on us. 


You support freedom for every body.  


You break down barriers to access for your community.  


You are making an impact in the lives of the people we serve. 


You fight to protect accurate, unbiased, and noncoercive healthcare. 


You are the driving force behind everything PPSO does. 


Because of you, PPSO has been a part of your community for 55 years. 


And thanks to you, we will be here for 55 more!