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Sometimes you can't make it.

And that's ok. We've collected many of our education trainings here so you can learn on your schedule. You can filter by course type or by cost. So, what are you waiting for? Get learning!

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Don't Get  Spooked: Managing reactions and answering tough questions 

Parent Session | $15

Kids, tweens, and teens have a lot of questions… like A LOT of them. And we know this is no surprise to you.

Algebra questions? Maybe you can direct them to a tutor. How to make pasta? They've got instructions on the label. How to do laundry? A simple Google search could solve this problem.

But what happens when questions about sex, sexuality, and relationships are thrown at you? Don't get spooked—we've got you covered. Reserve your virtual parent session all about answering tough questions today! We will walk you through these conversations and how to navigate them with ease and confidence.

Aging Sexcessfully 

Professional or Parent Session | $29

Knowing what you can expect with changes in the body, desire, needs, and more can make a world of difference in building current or future relationships!  Join the Ohio Center for Sex Education in discovering ways you can age with respect and compassion for your body.

CHES, CE, credits are available with this this course.


Puberty Workshop  

Parent Session | $15

Puberty can feel weird and really hard to navigate. The Puberty Workshop is an interactive lesson for parents and young people to attend together. During this workshop, we will cover everything you need to know about the body's puberty-related changes, answer anonymous questions, and encourage dialogue between a young person and their guardian.

Summer Lovin': How to talk about Healthy Relationships

Parent Session | $15

When building new relationships over the summer, many young people may feel like they're in a romantic comedy made for the big screen. Unfortunately, movies often send confusing or wrong messages. Parents, caregivers, and other trusted adults can join this session to learn specific examples of consent and healthy relationships at any age – and how to model what healthy relationships look like off-screen, in real life.

Sex Ed 101 (High School)

Professional Session | $150

Are you a parent, teacher or other professional tasked with having "the talk" with young people? Learn how to approach this subject with a high school audience in mind. This virtual training embraces the updated National Sex Education Standards and will give you the resources and confidence you need to engage in important conversation in a medically accurate, non-judgemental way.

Summer for EveryBODY

Parent Session | $15

June is the start of summer time! People are wearing swimsuits and safely soaking up the sun. Which also, unfortunately, means more opportunity to compare ourselves to others. Fortunately, it's also a perfect time to dive into body image!

Sex Ed 101 (Middle School)

Professional Session | $150

Are you a parent, teacher or other professional tasked with having "the talk" with young people? Learn how to approach this subject with a middle school audience in mind. This virtual training embraces the updated National Sex Education Standards and will give you the resources and confidence you need to engage in important conversation in a medically accurate, non-judgemental way.

Animal Sex & Reproduction

Free Session 

From panda porn to barbed penises to mating habits, Lindsay Vansandt, Theriogenologist from the Lindner Center for Conservation and Research of Endangered Wildlife at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden will entertain our audience with an open discussion on animal sexual behavior and reproduction.


Parent Session | $15

Prom has been an event for high school students for years. Prom night festivities vary across the nation, but movies, TV shows, and societal tropes have created expectations about what will happen when the night finally arrives.

Don't be Fooled by the Myths: Teen Sexuality and Birth Control

Parent Session | $15

This session encourages trusted adults not to be fooled by the myths of teen sexuality and birth control. There's ample false information out there that adults and young people are receiving every day. Join us for accurate information on teen sexuality and birth control!

Pleasure & Reproduction

Professional Session | $29

Sometimes it just feels good—so we do it. There are a handful of species that engage in sexual behaviors for reasons other than reproduction. That's right, humans, pigs, dolphins, and bonobos are all doin' it with pleasure in mind! This session will take a look at pleasure diversity, myths about sex that may get in the way of experiencing pleasure, and strategies for staying pleasure and sex positive when talking with young people.

Super Bowl: A Fun Family Affair for Teachable Moments

Parent Session | FREE

Learn how you can use teachable moments from entertainment staples like the Super Bowl to help young people make sense of what they may see, hear or feel online and on-screen.

Special thanks to the Andrew Jergens Foundation for their support in making this event possible.

Holistic Sexuality: Beyond the Behaviors

Professional Session | $29

Sexuality is much more than a behavior. It's more than condoms and annual exams and more than identities. Holistic sexuality looks at the entire picture. Using the “Circles of Sexuality” model developed by Dennis Daily, we will dive into the five interconnecting circles that each represent an important component of sexuality. This session will describe the model and set the foundation for understanding the multiple, unique facets of human sexuality.

Empowering Your Young Person  

Parent Session | $15

Now more than ever, your young person has a lot on their plate.

— And that's in addition to the coming of age struggles we all faced.

In these formative years, it's so important to make sure we are raising empowered young people. Sign up for this session to learn the tips to do just that! We'll be covering what to keep in mind when you're having these pivotal conversations with your young person!

Monogamy is not the default: Providing affirming care for people who practice ENM

Professional Session | $29

There's a future in which monogamy does not remain the default status for relationships and healthcare providers are often unprepared. This session will convey a foundational understanding of ethical non monogamy (ENM) as well as the frequent barriers faced by individuals who practice ENM. Our educator examines common healthcare and personal experiences of stigma from individuals who engage in ENM to better inform holistic practices of providers. Participants will be challenged to distinguish between perceived versus actual risks and receive practical action steps to implement care that affirms sexualities and reduces the potential of stigmatizing experiences.


Choice Words: Sex Secrets and Confessions


Shauna Tepper (they/she) joins us as we talk through all of your sex confessions, normalize your experiences and maybe have a laugh or two along the way. You don't want to miss this fun but informative episode!

Creating Trauma-Informed Spaces For Educational Settings

Professional Training | $29 

Providing education in a space that is trauma informed is critical to the emotional, physical, and psychological safety of students. Yet it is something that professionals in education settings are not always given proper training on. This session will define trauma and the effects of trauma on students' behavior and their ability to learn. It will also explore the signs of trauma and how to create a trauma-informed space in a school setting. Participants will be provided with action steps to make their educational space more trauma-informed and to advocate for a trauma-informed environment school-wide.

Choose your own adventure: Sex Toys 101


This Choice Words episode will tell you everything you ever wanted to know (but might be afraid to ask!) about sex toys. We will not only talk about different sex toys and how they work but we will also tackle common questions like “It is possible to become addicted to my vibrator?”, “Could toys de-sensitize me?”and “How do I tell my partner I want to bring a sex toy in the bedroom?” Don't miss this episode!

Navigating Sex and Intimacy With IBD

Free Session

The impact of IBD on a person's experiences of sexuality is often overlooked or ignored. This free webinar will focus on the challenges of navigating sex and intimacy with IBD and will share practical steps and resources to having open and honest conversations, making sex work for you and tips for advocating for yourself with providers.

Accidental or Intentional Click? Either Way, Let's Talk About It

Parent Session | $15

The reality is that kids resort to porn when they aren't getting the information they need from parents, guardians or comprehensive sex education in schools. This parent session will equip participants to discuss porn in a way that promotes critical thinking and open and honest communication between kids and their trusted adults.