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Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming events, trainings and webinars below. Looking for a past event? Check out our virtual education library!

Don't get spooked: Managing Reactions & Answering Tough Questions

What happens when questions about sex, sexuality, and relationships are thrown at you? Don't get spooked—we've got you covered. Reserve your virtual parent session all about answering tough questions today! We will walk you through these conversations and how to navigate them with ease and confidence.

LGBTQ+ History IS American History 

LGBTQ+ folks have always existed in human history but their stories are often overlooked or erased.

Stories also shape our intellectual and emotional perspectives of ourselves and influence the world—so it's important we do our part to make sure LGBTQ+ history has its place these stories going forward; because LGBTQ+ History IS American History.

Join the Ohio Center for Sex Education to celebrate LGBTQ History month and hear a historic tale you should have learned in history class. 

Gender Stereotypes: Navigating Masculinity (Parent Session)

The Ohio Center for Sex Education is continuing our series for parents and trusted adults navigating tough conversations. We use our expertise, credible resources, and community insights to help YOU have sex-positive and shame-free conversations on a range of topics with your young person!

Vanilla isn’t the only flavor – exploring Kink and BDSM (Choice Words)

Sexual diversity is a normal and healthy component of human behavior.

There are more ways than we can imagine to engage in sex, satisfy partners, experience pleasure and delve into fantasies. Part of the range of sexual diversity includes practices like exploring fetishes, kink, BDSM and role play.