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Upcoming Events

Check out our upcoming events, trainings and webinars below. Looking for a past event? Check out our virtual education library!

Sexual Health Education for People with Developmental Disabilities

6 Training Sessions |  Every Tuesday starting 6/15/21 | $49 per Session

SexEd should be comprehensive and accessible to all. It should equip people with the knowledge they need to determine and enjoy their sexuality - physically and emotionally, individually and in relationships. People with developmental disabilities are often overlooked or completely forgotten in discussions of human sexuality. We want to change that.

Choice Words July: Body Image & Sexuality

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 @ 7:00 PM | FREE!

Did you know that there are FOUR types of body image? These include:

1) The way we see ourselves,

2) The way we feel about how we look,

3) The thoughts and beliefs we have about our bodies,

4) The things we do in relation to the way we look.

Intertwine those with the complexities of sexuality and wow. What a conversation this will be!

Camp MEE (Movment, Enrichment, Empowerment)

AUGUST 2nd - 6th, 2021 | $200

The Ohio Center for Sex Education is hosting our first ever Summer Camp, Camp MEE,  focused on Movement, Enrichment and Empowerment! The camp is built for middle school students and will cover a range of topics including: relationships, internet safety, sexual health, nutrition and movement, consent, communication and more.

Empowering Your Young Person (Parent Session)

Video Lesson Available Starting August 16th | $15

Now more than ever, your young person has a lot on their plate -- and that's in addition to the coming of age struggles we all faced. In these formative years, it's so important to make sure we are raising empowered young people. Sign up for this session to learn the tips to do just that!