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We believe that knowledge empowers people to make better choices about their health and sexuality. It is our mission to empower people with that knowledge and to provide factual, non-directive information which allows individuals to make responsible decisions about their own lives. 

  • Sexuality is a natural, healthy, life-long part of being human.
  • Every individual has a right to pursue sexual health information and services without fear, shame or exploitation.
  • All people, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, have rights that need to be respected and responsibilities that need to be exercised.
  • It is unacceptable to sexually pressure, force or exploit another person.
  • In a pluralistic society, we must respect diverse sexual attititudes and behaviors, as long as they are based on ethics, responsibility, justice, equality and non-violence. Information about becoming pregnant and about postponing, preventing, continuing or terminating pregnancy should be easily available.
  • The choice of whether or not to parent should be free and informed.
  • Every child deserves to be wanted, loved and cared for.
  • Abstaining from sexual intercourse is the most effective method of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Young people explore their sexuality as part of a process of achieving sexual maturity. Adolescents are capable of expressing their sexuality in healthy, responsible ways.
  • There are many healthy ways to express sexual feelings, alone or with a partner. Sexual intercourse is only one form of sexual expression.
  • Uninformed or irresponsible sexual behavior poses risks.
  • Women, men, girls and boys benefit from fairness and flexibility in gender roles.
  • Individuals and society benefit when children are able to discuss sexuality with their parents and/or other trusted adults.
  • Individuals and society benefit when childbearing is postponed until maturity.
  • And we believe...these principles are fundamental to all the work that Planned Parenthood does.

The implications of these organizational values on education and training programs or clinical services are that our programs should:

  • Encompass sexuality throughout life.
  • Provide accurate and non-judgmental information and skill building that is age and experience appropriate.
  • Provide information about the positive, life-enhancing and pleasurable aspects of human sexuality, as well as information about preventing unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Encourage individuals to take responsibility for their own actions and to make decisions that are carefully considered and consistent with their own values and those of their partners and families.
  • Be accessible to all people.
  • Support societal norms that foster open inquiry and promote responsible sexual expression and reproductive self determination.