Planned Parenthood

Southern New Jersey



Up to 500,000 men per year in the USA choose vasectomies for birth control.  As part of our Men’s Reproductive Health Services  Planned Parenthood of Southern New Jersey offers the In Line Vasectomy (IL-V).

The IL-V has been recognized as a minimally invasive procedure.  (It is a rapid and gentle office procedure that utilizes a mini local anesthetic that is effective within 3 seconds, and then each side is completed in about 3 minutes)

A vasectomy removes the concern of an unintended pregnancy  & there are no changes in post op sexual function. 

Vasectomies are intended to be a permanent, but men continue to make sperm after these procedures, and they have proven to be reversible in specific situations.


 Why Planned Parenthood?

  • Affordable. Most insurances and Medicaid accepted
  • Board certified, nationally recognized urologist
  • Convenient locations with free parking
  • All services are confidential

Call for a confidential consultation and more information 856-365-3519

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