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Sexuality Education & Training Resource Center

PPSFL's Resource Center is located in our Ithaca Office and is the place to go for sexuality information and education materials, books, birth control teaching kits, videos, pamphlets, and journals.

We're here to connect you with the information and materials you need to be an effective and informed sexuality educator!

Please give us a call if you would like to set a time to visit the resource center. For more information on checking out resouces, contact us in our Ithaca office at 607.216.0021 ext. 135.

Does Ithaca seem really far away?
Give us a call! If you let us know what you need, we would be happy to arrange a pick-up at a PPSFL location closer to you!

Books and Curricula

We have a library with books and curricula on a wide range of topics related to sexuality.
  • Doing research on Roe v. Wade for a paper?
  • Looking for information on healthy sexuality?
  • Or books to help you talk to your kids about sexuality?
We have all this and much more. Teachers and education professionals may borrow books and curricula for 14 days. Fines for overdue books and curricula are $1.00 per day, per item.

Videos and DVDs

From abortion to sexuality at midlife, body image to being transgender, we have a vast collection of videos on many aspects of sexuality.

Teachers and education professionals may rent films for up to 7 days. The rental fee is $5, plus a $10 deposit. Fines for overdue films are $1 per day, per film.

Special Note College students looking to rent a film for classroom a presentation must work through their professor to borrow resources from the PPSFL library.

Newsletter for Educators

Our newsletter 'Sex: Talk About It' is a great resource for anybody who wants to stay up to date on developments in sex ed. This newsletter is geared at educators in New York, but contains useful information for anyone interested in sexuality education. Check out some of our recent newsletters online by using the link on the left side of this page, or e-mail us to join our newsletter mailing list.

Birth Control Kits

Birth Control Kits contain samples of birth control methods, information about how the various methods work, condom samples and a model for demonstration, and decision making and safer-sex information.

Birth Control Kits are available to rent or buy. The rental fee is $10 per week, plus a $10 deposit. Purchase price for kits is $125.

Teachers and education professionals may borrow birth control kits for up to 7 days. Fines for overdue kits are $1 per day.

Health Information Pamphlets

Pamphlets on a variety of topics including sexual decision making, body image, puberty, sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, healthy relationships, sexual orientation, talking to your kids about sex, and many other topics are available. The first 10 brochures are free; additional copies are $.30 per brochure.

Safer Sex Supplies

Looking for condoms, dental dams, lube, latex gloves, and safer sex information for an event? We've got what you need! Give us a call to check on availability of various types of condoms, lube, dams, and gloves and to find out about pricing.

Individuals who need condoms can always stop by and receive up to 12 for free from our education department

Other Resources

If you are looking for other types of resources, like a list of reliable sex ed websites, sample lesson plans or activities, journals, or research articles, we will be happy to help get you the information you need!

Also be sure to check out our sister website at www.sextalk.org for an extensive list of sexuality education related web resources.
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Sexuality Education & Training Resource Center