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Our Most Requested Program Topics

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  • Don't Have Sex In The Dark/Sex 101
    A positive take on safer sex, contraception, STD prevention and fun activities to promote positive sexuality all in one workshop! Get updated information and have time for your questions to be answered. This lively program is very popular with college students.
  • Contraception Update
    Up-to-date information about hormonal, barrier and other methods of contraception. Understand how they work, which methods also help prevent STDs, how to get them and the pros and cons of using different methods.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases 101
    STD prevention, safer-sex, how to get tested for STDs, how infections are transmitted and more. This program can stand alone, or be combined with another program such as Contraception Update.
  • Raising Sexually Healthy Kids: How to talk to your kids about sex
    We know it can be hard, but we also know that parents are the primary sexuality educators of their kids. Whether you're a single parent, grandparent, foster parent, or other caring adult in the life of a young person, it's important to help kids understand the facts and feelings surrounding sexuality. This program will help parents and caregivers prepare to start conversations about sexuality with their children. This program can be prepared for parents with children of any age. (Yes, any age!)
  • Building Healthy Relationships
    We've seen Dr. Phil dish out his advice, but this is our chance to help students identify positive and negative relationship characteristics, evaluate a healthy relationship and build skills to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts within a relationship.
  • Sexual Orientation and/or Gender Identity
    Sexual orientation (who you are attracted to) and gender identity (your internal sense of who you are) are integral parts of sexuality for all of us. Everybody has a sexual orientation and everybody has a gender identity. This program discusses and helps define the labels, feelings and experiences of people with various sexual orientations and gender identities. This program can be prepared for any age group.
  • Positive Sexuality and Sex Toys 101
    This popular college program uses the discussion of sex toys to help talk about aspects of sexuality that we often pass over: pleasure, positive sexuality, masturbation, etc. This program covers different types of sex toys, how to use them safely, safer-sex, partner and solo-sex, and how we define sexuality. Sex toys are not sold at this program, but sample sex toys are available for viewing.
  • Body Image
    People with a positive and healthy body image are more likely to be sexually healthy people and take fewer sexual risks. Our body image program is designed to explore, evaluate and challenge the narrow and unattainable body images that permeate the media and discuss the negative impact of body stereotypes and poor body image. Our program includes an introduction to media literacy and tips and strategies for maintaining positive body image.
  • Puberty
    "Am I Normal?" may be the question most often asked (or thought about) by pre-teens. Our puberty programs helps students understand the changes their bodies are going through, what to expect and reassures them, that yes, the physical and emotional changes they are going through are normal. Body growth and changes, male and female reproductive systems, emotional changes, growing up and more will be covered. Primarily for kids age 8-14.
  • Alternative Menstrual Products
    A positive and affirming look at all of the products that females have available to them during their period. By talking about alternative menstrual products, we can also talk about societal attitudes about menstruation, how to feel good about yourself, how to better handle having your period and more. This program can be prepared for any age group.
  • Communication Skills
    It can be hard to speak honestly and listen intently...especially since that's not the communication style we usually see! This program will help participants understand the importance of effective communication and learn the core ingredients of healthy, productive and honest communication.
  • Menopause & Midlife
    What physical, emotional changes come at midlife? How does Western Society look at aging? What's the difference between menopause and peri-menopause and how do you know which one you are experiencing? This program will help people understand what to expect with the onset of menopause and midlife...beyond hot flashes.
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Our Most Requested Program Topics