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Stages of Development - Infancy to Adolescence

You may be wondering what specific information your child needs to know about sexuality, and what is age-appropriate for them. As a parent or caregiver, you are familiar with your child's level of maturity and may already have some ideas of what kinds of information you want to share. You may also have some lingering questions, such as how detailed should your explanations be? What kinds of questions can you expect from your child at different stages of development?

We know that initiating conversations about the facts of life may be difficult for some caregivers, because they did not grow up in an environment where the subject was discussed. Some parents may be afraid they do not know the right answers or feel confused about the proper amount of information to offer. To help caregivers start conversations, understand childhood sexual development, and answer their children's questions, Advocates for Youth has created fact sheets that outline general growth and development milestones for children from infancy to late adolescense.

You can help your children establish individual values and make healthy decisions. These fact sheets will help you figure out where to start the conversation.

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Stages of Development - Infancy to Adolescence