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Promotores de Salud

Promotores, who are chosen because they are from the community in which they serve, are trained to be ambassadors of reproductive health. They are uniquely qualified to achieve their goals by leveraging their insider status to gain the trust of the community.

Primary Objectives in Norristown's Latino Community:
Increase reproductive health knowledge;
Expand awareness of the wide range of services that PPSP provides; and
Improve long-term health outcomes in Norristown's Latino community.

What the Promotores Program offers:
Brief (20-30) health sessions in Spanish and English targeted to the Latino Community in Norristown on reproductive health topics, including:

Sexually Transmitted Infections (transmission, symptoms, prevention, and treatment)
Human Papillomavirus (HPV) & Genital Warts
Birth Control Methods and Safe Sex
Breast Health and Awareness
Healthy Relationships
Vaginal Infections and Douching
Talking to Youth about Sex
Pregnancy and the Menstrual Cycle

Please contactthe Marketing Department at marketing[@] ppsp.orgfor more information or to schedule a free health information session.

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Promotores de Salud