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As a patient, you may be eligible to participate in one of our clinical research opportunities. Planned Parenthood partners with pharmaceutical companies and universities that are creating new new, investigatory forms of treatment, diagnosis and prevention for reproductive and sexual health. Current Studies include:

Genital and Anal Wart Treatment Study (Novan)

Have genital or anal warts? A confidential research study is testing an investigational medication for these types of warts. All study medication provided at no cost. Call us at 267-514-2098.

HPV 16 & 18 Treatment Study (Genticel)

Vaginal Contraceptive Ring Study (Merck)

Herpes Diagnosis

Clinical trials allow doctors and researchers to gain information on the benefits, side effects, and safety of new treatments for a particular condition. It also creates an opportunity for patients to contribute to scientific knowledge and sometimes explore and access alternative therapies that may not otherwise be available.

Planned Parenthood has been involved in numerous clinical trials, including Lilletta, a new hormonal IUD, and Ella, an emergency contraceptive pill, both of which are now FDA approved. We have participated in trials for Sexually transmitted Infection tests that are now FDA approved and regularly used.

To see if you're eligible contact us:

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