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Alabama Laws

Abortion Law and Minors

We encourage women 17 and under to involve a parent or family member in the decision to have an abortion. In addition, the State of Alabama requires women under 18 to comply with the parental notification law which means that a teen must have written consent of a parent or guardian to receive abortion services. The minor's parent or legal guardian must sign and date a form stating that she or he is informed that the minor desires an abortion and does consent to the abortion. The minor must sign the form in the presence of the person who shall perform the abortion or his agent to verify that the signature of the parents, parent or legal guardian is authentic. Finally, if a teen feels she cannot talk to her parent or guardian about her decision, she may go to court and ask a judge to waive the notification requirement.

"Women's right to Know" Law

In 2002, Alabama passed a law requiring that at least 24 hours before an abortion a woman must be provided with a copy of state-required printed materials which list agencies that offer assistance, adoption agencies, development of the fetus, methods and risks of abortion and childbirth, father's obligations, and alternatives to abortion. You may request to receive these materials by mail.

In addition, prior to receiving abortion services a woman must be informed in person:

The name of the physician who will perform the abortion in writing or a business card.

The nature of the proposed abortion method and associated risks and alternatives.

The probable gestational age and the probable anatomical and physiological characteristics of the fetus at the time the abortion is to be performed.

The physician who is to perform the abortion or the referring physician is required to perform an ultrasound on the fetus before the abortion and the woman has a right to view the ultrasound before an abortion. The woman shall complete a required form to acknowledge that she either saw the ultrasound image or that she was given an opportunity and rejected it.

She has the right to view the videotape and ultrasound of the fetus.

Any need for anti-Rh immune globulin therapy, and if she is Rh negative, the likely consequences of refusing such therapy and the cost of the therapy.

She cannot be forced or required by anyone to have an abortion. She is free to withhold or withdraw her consent for an abortion.

The woman must complete and sign a form that she has received the information above and does provide her informed consent for abortion services.

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Alabama Laws