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A Difficult Decision
When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, women of all ages and backgrounds have the difficult choice between parenting, adoption and abortion. Knowing yourself and your own values will help you make the most responsible decision while thinking about how this pregnancy will affect your life - now and in the future. This is your choice but you do not have to make it alone. Seek out the people who will support you: your partner, family, friends, religious community, school counselor or someone else you trust. You can also speak with a Planned Parenthood staff person who will provide confidential, non-judgmental and objective counseling to help you make your decision.

A Word about Crisis Pregnancy Centers
Crisis Pregnancy Centers are anti-abortion groups, often religious in nature and funding, disguised as abortion clinics. Their only goal is to stop you from having an abortion. Most are staffed by non-medical volunteers.

Often located near legitimate health care providers or Planned Parenthood centers, these CPC's lure unsuspecting women with free pregnancy tests. Once inside, women are subjected to antiabortion propaganda, misinformation and intimidation in an attempt to prevent them from having an abortion.

Remember: it is your right to receive non-biased information about all of your pregnancy options.

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State Laws