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Activist Gene Novogrodsky’s voice has been resonating through the Rio Grande Valley for decades — calling for women’s rights, reproductive rights, social justice and environmental responsibility. On April 7, he will commemorate his 80th birthday and the 80th anniversary of Planned Parenthood South Texas with an 80-mile Ride for Heath & Justice.

Give now for women in the Valley

Consider a gift in honor of Gene's ride to help fund the charity health care we provide to patients in our Brownsville and Harlingen clinics. A gift of any size will help our patients in their own journeys--planning a family when they are ready, completing their education, reaching toward their full potential, and creating a better future for their children. Along the way many of them will face obstacles most of us will never encounter. But thanks to you, Planned Parenthood will always be here for them.

The Rio Grande Valley

For decades Planned Parenthood South Texas has been providing high-quality, affordable, non-judgmental health care to women and men in the Rio Grande Valley. Our goal is to secure good health and great healthcare for everyone. For too many of our clients in the Valley accessing the care they need to lead healthy lives is only a dream. We work every day to break down the barriers that separate people from realizing that dream by providing low-cost or free services like birth control, cervical cancer screening and treatment, well-woman exams, STD testing and treatment, breast exams and more. But astonishing health disparities remain in the Valley, reminding us that the need for our work is greater than ever.

We’ve learned a lot since beginning our journey 80 years ago. We’ve learned that our patients need much more than birth control to lead the lives they imagine for themselves and their families. We believe that everyone should have not only good health and excellent healthcare but also the ability to live with respect. While family planning always has been and always will be our passion, we want to be a voice in support of their overall well-being in order to be the best possible partner to our patients. Too often our patients walk out of our clinics only to battle racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. Poverty exacerbates inequities. And looming concerns about environmental and climate issues create real fears about the sustainability of the world we live in.

80 years, 80 miles

Gene Novogrodsky, who this year will celebrate his 80th birthday along with Planned Parenthood South Texas, has been on something of a parallel journey. As a women’s rights champion, activist, volunteer, organizer, writer and teacher, he’s dedicated his life to raising awareness of the systematic injustices that impact the well-being of our clients. Four years ago, to celebrate his (and our) 76th birthday, Gene rode his bike from Brownsville to San Antonio. That Ride for Reproductive Rights raised awareness of the lengths that women in the Valley had to go to access sexual and reproductive health care, especially abortion care.

We’re thrilled to announce that on April 7, Gene will ride again. This 80-mile journey along the border from Brownsville to Rio Grande City is dedicated to raising awareness as to how our patients’ need for health care intersects with other civil rights issues.