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2021 Pride by @redstone.blinds

We want to thank all of our LGBTQ+ supporters this Pride Month and to the two art submissions we received! We know that this has been a difficult and heavy year for many, and we wanted to offer some opportunities for everyone to feel seen and appreciated. The Pride month art submissions are here to serve as a way for us to appreciate your talents through any form of art, including but not limited to, paintings, drawings, written work, and graphic design. 

We want to extend our gratitude towards an anonymous submission! We received a beautifully written poem called "To Be Found." The writer described it as a free verse poem about not being alone in discovering their sexuality. We see you, appreciate you, and are honored to share your work.

We also received another amazing submission from one of our supporters! They described it as “An ink and watercolor painting of a lion flying a cape displaying the progress pride flag, wordplay alluding both to the zoological term and its self-affirming identification with the LGBTQ community, above the colorful banner ‘Pride 2021’”. This is such a vibrant and well thought out piece! Thank you for allowing us to share your art and Happy Pride month!

to be found

- a poem by an anonymous author

her muscles screamed at her 
for she did not know 
how to listen 
arms and legs 
shaking, trembling 
in the bitter cold 
her long, raven hair 
of no assistance 
her tears didn't help her chill 
her body racked with sobs 
when problems arose 
and her throat closed in 
when a thin layer of sweat 
covered her face 
smothering her until she couldn’t breath the creeping feeling rising 
she'd never know what to do with it but that familiar ache 
and that familiar phrase 
in her brain: 
"pray about it, 
Most Sovereign will take care of you” Run. 
she stepped up higher 
on the marble floor of the church 
born there 
raised there 
knew nothing else since birth 
than the commitment 
to a Sovereignty who couldn't be seen. her commitment was to be made 
to a book that was told 
to be true 
her body was vibrating with nerves her arms covered in prickling little ants a shrill ringing in her ears 
she wiped her pale face free from tears so that she could tilt her head up
to attempt to face her fears 
but to no avail 
she was alone 
what was she afraid of? 
well of course, 
she was afraid 
of exactly where she was: 
the shiny white linings 
glaring down at her shaking features made her remember 
all of the times she'd been told she was evil. 
how can someone be evil 
for loving someone? 
if the unseen Sovereign One commands one to love all and for all to love one, then how is her love towards other Shes considered evil? 
since a young age 
she was blind 
to the difference in families 
but she was taught blind 
by a blind teacher 
she'd been told from a young age of who to make 
her family 
but in being ranted and rattled at she had only found another way 
to justify 
her hatred for herself. 
as she grew older 
as her blindness chipped away 
as she saw how blindly she was taught by her blind teachers
she was blind but now 
she can see 
the more she realized how many others 
there were 
there were so many 
who had the same words 
echoing and resounding 
sinking and dragging 
them down. 
she looked around on the dusty marble steps 
seeing so many 
frightened and scarred 
faces she recognized 
seeing so many 
prickling ants and trembles and so many 
who had wept 
just like her 
she wasn't alone 
she has never been alone Dwell 
she is Found 


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