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Planned Parenthood has a strong and passionate volunteer base across Florida and all over the country. We are inspired by the diversity and determination we see in our volunteers as they work tirelessly to fight for reproductive justice in their communities.

The volunteers in Tallahassee’s Leadership Action Team and FSU Generation Action decided it’s time to educate our community about Crisis Pregnancy Centers in a fun and creative way.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) oppose abortion and contraception and will not provide comprehensive counseling or referrals. But their advertising and appearance are frequently calculated to deceive women into believing they will get comprehensive reproductive health care and services.

"Working with fellow volunteers to make this zine happen was really fun and rewarding. Being able to produce something tangible for our community to use as a resource makes me proud to be a member of the Tallahassee LAT."

– Jasmine, Volunteer

The center located in Tallahassee is just off campus and has a strong presence in student activities. Our volunteers decided to create a zine – a self-published, mini magazine – as a response to CPC materials left around their community. Their zine is titled “Highlighting Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the Sunshine State” to mimic the old children’s magazine “Highlights.”

Volunteer lead, Haley Gentile, came up with the idea to make the zine interactive like a children’s magazine. Once she proposed the theme, the whole room of volunteers started coming up with different ideas: mazes, crosswords, connect the dots, coloring pages, word scrambles and spot the difference.

"This zine seemed especially important to create due to the political climate and our current administration. As a member of Generation Action it will serve as a vital tool for educating fellow students. We’re now able to distribute info about exactly WHAT will happen if you step foot into our local CPC. The zine will encourage conversation and hopefully save folks from an unethical and dehumanizing experience.

– Britney, Volunteer

They assembled a team of dedicated individuals to work on the zine and in three weeks they had created a beautiful, meticulously fact-checked, and unique tool to educate and activate the community.

The zine is available for free in readable PDF and printable PDF. We encourage you to make copies of your own and use it to educate folks in your communities.

You can also read the zine right here:


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Online PDF

Read the "Highlighting Crisis Pregnancy Centers" zine online now.

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Printable PDF

Downlaod the print formatted PDF. This file is designed as a folio zine; to be printed 2-sided, folded and assembled into a zine.

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