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For GYT month, guest blogger Yaritza, member of the Palm Beach County Youth Council, tells us why getting tested matters!

We all know it can be a bit embarrassing or nerve racking to go into a doctor's clinic and ask to get STD tested. It's even worse for teenagers that aren't sure or even afraid to ask or tell somebody that they want to get tested. It's normal to be afraid or nervous but it's one of the most important things you should ever do.


Why Is It So Important?

It's important because it's part of your health and part of your life. Its better to know if you are STD free and have nothing worry about or if you do to better take care of yourself and your partner or future partner. Having an STD isn't a death sentence or mean that your dirty, it simply means that you need to better take care of yourself. Also most STDs don't have obvious signs or symptoms so you might think that you're okay but really not even know. Getting tested is usually a quick and easy trip to your doctor or health care professional. And for teenagers, who REALLY don't want to ask your parents, there are clinics that have complete patient confidentially and no one but you will get your results. Do some research around your area and find somewhere near you. Don't let an uncomfortable conversation with your partner or parents stop you from your health and your safety. Getting tested benefits your life overall.


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