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STD testing is a social taboo and it shouldn’t be, especially when you’re young. Testing should be just as common as your appointments to the dentist or trip back home to visit your parents. So while you’re out meeting new people, dating and living your life, there’s also the very real risk of contracting an STD. Millennials and Generation Z are the game changers of tomorrow, so why not also lead the way in changing the perception of STD testing?  While college students only make up about one fourth of the sexually active population, people aged 15-24 account for about 10 million of those diagnosed each year. Sexually transmitted diseases are extremely common and most can be easily treated, but unfortunately finding out you have one isn’t as simple since many times you won’t experience symptoms.

Getting yourself regularly tested is one of the easiest ways to remain healthy not only for yourself but for your partner. It’s quick, easy and painless. Planned Parenthood offers free STD testing days at many of their locations throughout the year - making the process even more accessible to everyone as well as a typical part of your health care routine. Testing for STDs isn’t usually part of your regular doctor visit and may only be given if you ask for it. Don’t hesitate to ask because you’re embarrassed - sexual health can affect your overall health.

College towns see a little more action when it comes to STD rates, understandably. While living your best life is important you also have to stay safe and healthy if you plan on achieving all of your goals. Getting tested is as simple as making an appointment at your college’s health clinic, seeing your doctor when you’re home on break, or walking into any Planned Parenthood health center.


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