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Volunteer and Internship Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities

Many of you who support Planned Parenthood have been asking how you can help—thank you!

Planned Parenthood has been around for 100 years and one thing is clear—we will never stop providing the care our patients need and the education our community deserves. But, we need your help. Below are a variety of ways can volunteer with Planned Parenthood.

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Or email us [email protected]
Or call us at 561-472-9948

Visit our Community Events page for information on upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Share your story:

Tell us how Planned Parenthood has impacted your life or the life of a loved one. Your story is powerful! SHARE NOW

Host a friend raiser:

Host an intimate gathering at your home for people in your community who are interested in supporting Planned Parenthood.

Leadership Action Team:

Become an advocate. Join local volunteer leader groups in your community that meet monthly to work on advocacy projects for Planned Parenthood.

Campus organizing:

Be a voice for Planned Parenthood on your college campus. The Generation Action Network educates and mobilizes students to work together and create change on reproductive justice issues. LEARN MORE

Contact your state legislator:

Get informed about current legislation and let legislators know how important access to reproductive health care is to you.

Write a letter to the editor or an opinion editorial:

Submit an article to your local paper about the importance of reproductive health access in your community. Visit our Facebook page for ideas about current topics or contact us for support.

Lobby days:

Join advocates for three days in Tallahassee during spring legislative session to educate lawmakers about access to reproductive health care.

Administrative support:

Help the fundraising department distribute mailings to supporters and make phone calls.


Provide support at events like a local action night, volunteer training, sex trivia, condom crawl or rally at the state capitol. 

Click here to sign up to volunteer Online!

Or email us [email protected]
Or call us at 561-472-9948

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Volunteer and Internship Opportunities