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The Board of Directors has approved a plan of 21 strategy initiatives organized around eight general themes, to be addressed in the next five years:

  1. Staff – improve retention. This is foundational to all other aspects of our work.
  2. Infrastructure – buildings should reflect the quality of care provided and modern technology should ease access.
  3. Marketing – attract and welcome new patients.
  4. Service configuration – provide new services and examine our geographic footprint.
  5. Fundraising – increase major giving and diversify the donor base.
  6. Political – invest in Planned Parenthood Votes! South Atlantic, our political arm.
  7. Educational – grow our educational infrastructure throughout the region.
  8. Brand alignment – vertically integrate our brand voice throughout the organization, from the Board room to the front line staff. Includes facilities, marketing, staff training, policy advocacy messaging and an effort to continue to diversify our Board representation

We have also incorporated operating parameters that establish operational and reach aspirations:

Operational parameters:

  • Patient Services department will operate budget neutrally
  • The organization will operate with a 6% net margin
  • Investments for capital improvements can be debt financed when philanthropy or operations fall short of needs

Demand parameters:

  • Serve at least 2% of the birth control and STI patients in our service area
  • Serve 40% of abortion patients in our service area
  • Devise a sustainable and enduring strategy to best serve West Virginia

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