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In order to comply with Colorado Parental Notification law, the following steps must be taken:

  • If a minor (defined for the purposes of the Parental Notification law as a woman who has not yet reached her 18th birthday) presents herself for a pregnancy test, she may be educated regarding her options. During that education session, she should be told that Colorado has a law requiring that her parent or guardian be notified if she chooses to have an abortion. She should be told that they do not have to "consent" to the abortion, and the difference between "consent" and "notify" should be explained.
  • If she decides to have an abortion, inform her that a notice will be mailed to the address of a parent and that after 48 hours she may have the abortion. She may also bring a parent with her to the clinic or physician's office to provide evidence of notification.
  • If she wants an abortion but cannot tell her parents, she should be told about the judicial bypass option. If you have patients that are interested in obtaining a judicial bypass, Planned Parenthood can help them through this process. Our judicial bypass services are free and private. If your patient would like to choose this option, ask her to call our toll-free hotline at 1.866.277.2771.