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Abortion Funding


If you need help paying for your procedure please talk to us. We can discuss payment options as well as various types of assistance.

The Justice Fund
If you are getting an abortion at one of our health centers and need help paying for the procedure, the Justice Fund may be able to help you.

This fund exists thanks to an anonymous donor. Women who qualify may receive some financial assistance for their visit. When you make an appointment at one of our health centers you will be offered the chance to find out if you can use this limited funding.

The Wyoming Abortion Fund
If you live in Wyoming and need help paying for an abortion, the Wyoming Abortion Fundmay be able tohelp you.

You can choose any abortion provider in any state. The Wyoming Abortion Fund may agree to pay a portion of the total cost of the procedure and/or other expenses and will reimburse the provider directly for their services.

Call our private toll-free hotline, 1.866.372.7526 (PLAN), to see if you qualify.

If you receive help from the Wyoming Abortion Fund, you can choose any abortion provider it does not have to be a Planned Parenthood health center. However, Planned Parenthood has been providing safe abortion procedures for over 30 years.

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Abortion Funding