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As the leading voice in sexual and reproductive health care, Planned Parenthood is proud to offer an incredibly effective mechanism for HIV prevention-PrEP!  PrEP is a pill taken daily by people who are HIV negative that will reduce the risk of contracting the virus by 92% or more.  

After an initial risk assessment and HIV test, our providers will write you a prescription for this medication that you just take – in addition to your other prevention methods-once a day. 

There is follow up; regular appointments and blood work to ensure the medication is working and has no negative impacts on your body.  But the best part of this is that most insurance providers will cover the cost of this prescription and these appointments.

At Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains we know that one of the most important things to have for sexual and reproductive health is peace of mind.  Accessing PrEP, using it daily, can give you the peace of mind to know that if you do have a risky sexual encounter, or if you have an HIV positive partner; or even if you have very little risk – this little pill has reduced that risk even more. 

Consider making an appointment today to speak to our PrEP specialist today to see if PrEP is right for you or your partner!

Want to know if you are at “higher risk” for contracting HIV? Consider the following questions:

·         Is your main sexual partner HIV positive?

·         Have you – or your partner – ever had receptive (Bottomed) anal or vaginal sex with someone who is HIV positive, without a condom?

·         Have your – or your partner – ever had receptive anal or vaginal sex with someone who’s status you didn’t know, without a condom?

·         Have you been treated recently for a non-oral (not in your mouth) STI?  Chlamydia or rectal Gonorrhea?

·          Have you used PEP, more than once?

·         Do you or your partner use alcohol or drugs heavily?

·         Has a partner ever coerced or threatened you with sexual encounter you didn’t want?

·         Have you or your partner ever exchanged sex for drugs or money?

Click here to send an email to our PrEP specialist who will be happy to meet with you and discuss PrEP more in depth!

Click here to learn more about The Drop, PPRM's free HIV testing center in Denver.

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