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No matter the changes we face in the days and months ahead — how we live, how we work, how we show up for each other — our commitment to our patients and community remains the same: We're here with you.

Reproductive health care is essential health care. And in these uncertain times, one thing you can be certain about is that we're doing everything we can to provide health care and information to Planned Parenthood patients, wherever they are. 

To keep patients and staff healthy during the coronavirus outbreak, we're now offering many visits via Telehealth. This means you can have a virtual visit with a Planned Parenthood medical provider and get the services you need from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. 

Telehealth allows patients to hold a virtual face-to-face appointment with one of our Planned Parenthood medical providers for appointments such as a birth control prescription refill, Transcare follow-up appointments, UTI evaluation and electronically prescribed treatment, and more. For our patient and staff safety, we're currently only accepting urgent visits at our health centers, which include STI treatment, emergency contraception, and abortion services. 

Call the Planned Parenthood contact center at (626) 798-0706 to make an appointment today!

We launched our Telehealth service this week, and it has already proven to be a great way to provide our patients with the care they need from the comfort and safety of their homes. Stef is just one of the dozens of PPPSGV patients who have received the care she needed because of Telehealth. Here's her story:

"I have an infection and knew that I needed to get it treated, but I didn't want to put more strain on my medical provider. I decided to give my local Planned Parenthood a call, and they offered to see me within a few hours via a Telehealth appointment. I was asked a few questions, just like I would be asked in person, and was prescribed the medication I needed on the spot. It was so freaking convenient that I could get the care I needed from the comfort of my home instead of taking time out of my workday to go and wait in the clinic. I later drove to the Eagle Rock Health Center to pick-up my prescription. I'm so grateful I was able to get the same non-judgmental and experienced care via Telehealth that I’m used to getting at a Planned Parenthood health center."

For more information on how to make a Telehealth appointment visit our website

We're doing our best to care for patients and keep them from seeking care at facilities that are overwhelmed, including urgent care clinics and local hospitals. And as a safety net provider, we know that our patients need us now more than ever. Our doors remain open, both physically and virtually. We're here for and with you, and we'll meet this challenge together.

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