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What is Planned Parenthood's Youth Leadership Academy?
Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest has created a young adult internship program for college students. In addition to interning five hours each week in the PPPSW Public Affairs Department, selected interns will help coordinate the Healthy Neighborhoods Outreach and Teen Capitol Day activities. Interns will alsoreceive special monthly leadership training from advocacy and community leaders to give them the skills and education they need to become Planned Parenthood community ambassadors.

This year'sYouth Leadership Academybegan on February 8,2013.
San Diegocollege students and recent gradsare encouraged to apply for this free-of-cost program. Applications are no longer being accepted for the 2013 class but check back in November 2013 for 2014 applications.

The Youth Leadership Academy is a great opportunity for young adults to learn more about Planned Parenthood and gain valuable leadership skills. In addition to learning from community leaders and making strong contacts, all interns will go through a series of trainings that emphasize event planning, advocacy, public speaking and building and leading effective teams.

Why should I apply?

  • Want to learn more about Planned Parenthood
  • Have a passion for reproductive rights
  • $500 stipend upon completion
  • Learn how to plan and execute community events
  • Looks great on college and job applications
  • Great experience in the non-profit field

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What will I learn as a participant of the Youth Leadership Academy?

  • Professional Communications, Public Speaking, and Meeting Management
  • Fundraising & Event Planning
  • Advocacy
  • Building and Leading Effective Teams

2.What are the requirements to apply?
PPPSW is looking for college students and recent grads who are motivated, eager to learn, and want to give back to their communities. There is no requirement of previous experience or volunteering with Planned Parenthood, but students are expected to understand and promote the values of Planned Parenthood, which include comprehensive sex-ed, women's rights, and reproductive health.

3.How much does it cost?
If you are selected to participate, Planned Parenthood will cover all costs associated with the program and furthermore, at the completion of thefive-month program, students will be given a $500 stipend in recognition of their hard work and attendance record.

4. What is the time commitment that will be expected of me?
All students will participate infive hours a week ofinterning in the office, attending leadership presentations or planning for other tasks as assigned. Applicants are expected to be able to meet thefive-hour-per-week minimum and must also be available to attend 3/4 of the non-mandatory leadership training dates.

5. What if I've never done anything like this before or I'm not a Planned Parenthood expert?
One of the reasons to join is to gain knowledge and learn new skills. You'll become a Planned Parenthood expert alongside your fellow students and have the chance to learn in a small group setting. By the end of the program you'll be comfortable speaking about any Planned Parenthood issue and be an ambassador for Planned Parenthood wherever you go.

6. What if I don't live in San Diego?
Unfortunately, the Youth Leadership Academy is currently only available in San Diego. If you would like to find other opportunities to get involved with Planned Parenthood, please contact Luis Montero at (619) 881-4520 or [email protected].

7. What if I'm not a college student?
This program is for San Diego college students and recent grads. If youare but you want to take action to support reproductive health and education, we have plenty of other ways you can get involved! Check out our college activism program (VOX), our neighborhood outreach program, more volunteer opportunities, or sign up now for our campaign rapid response team, and we'll stay in touch with you about ways you can take action throughout the year!

8. Who can I contact with more questions?
Contact Luis Montero at (619) 881-4520 or [email protected]

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