Planned Parenthood

Pacific Southwest

Why I Am Pro-Choice

Riverside City Council Member Nancy Hart
Ward 6
The reason I'm pro choice is because I believe that no one else has the right to tell a woman what she can or will do when faced with an unintended pregnancy. (More)

State Assemblymember Mary Salas
(D) San Diego
I believe that pro choice means caring about the quality of life that child will live...every child should be raised in a loving and nurturing home. (More)

San Diego Unified School Board Member Shelia Jackson
District E
There's an African proverb that many of us are familiar with: "It takes a village to raise a child." Planned Parenthood plays an important role in our village by providing medical and educational services to those who need them most. (More)

Former California State Senator Christine Kehoe
(D) San Diego
Senate District 39
[California] is a state that respects an individual's right to privacy with an individual's right to make his or her own choices. (More)

Hon. Sue Hartley (R)
Board Member, Fifth District
San Diego County Board of Education
I am pro-choice because I believe in letting women control their own fertility and decide for themselves when they are ready to be a parent. (More)

U.S. Congresswoman Susan Davis
(D) San Diego
53rd District
All individuals should have access to the information and services they need to make informed decisions about their health. (More)

California State Senator Denise Ducheny
(D) San Diego
Senate District 40
I believe that all Californians should have the right of choice. This choice means access to family planning and prevention through services and contraception. (More)

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Why I Am Pro-Choice