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Healthy Neighborhoods Outreach Team

Join Planned Parenthood at monthly events to reach out to community residents. We give them information and resources they can use to keep themselves and their families healthy!

What Exactly Will I Be Doing?
Volunteersgo door to door to talk to residents about the health services offered by their localhealth centerand the educational programs that they can access through Planned Parenthood. You'll give out informational brochures and take down contact information from residents interested in our programs.

I've Never Done Anything Like That Before!
Don't worry. We always start with a training, and you'll always go out with a partner and a script. If you've been looking for a way to give something back to your community, and you think Planned Parenthood is an important resource that people should know about, then join uswe need your help!

How Can I Get Involved?
EmailLuis Monteroat[email protected]or (619) 881-4520to let us know if you'd like to attend!If you're not available for the next event, that's okay -- they happen every month! We can also use your help at various Planned Parenthood activities to recruit more volunteers like you.


Healthy Neighborhoods Outreach to El Cajon
Saturday, July27
10 am to 2 pm
El Cajon Boys and Girls Club
1171 E Madison Ave
El Cajon, CA 92021(map)

Please RVSPtoLuis Moneroat[email protected]or (619) 881-4520, and let us know if you'd like to attend so we can have enough food and materials for everyone. Thanks.

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Healthy Neighborhoods Outreach Team