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There are a number of additional ways you can get involved and take action!

Healthy Neighborhoods Outreach
Help us spread the word to residents of local communities about Planned Parenthood's programs and servicesin their neighborhood.
Teen Capitol Day
Everyspring we take a group of teens to Sacramento to meet with legislators and explain to them why we need their support forpro-choice legislation.

"Vox" is the Latin word for "voice," and VOX groups are student voices for reproductive choice and sexual health oncampuses in San Diego, Riverside, andImperial counties.

Why I Am Pro-Choice
Hear from elected officials who explain why they are pro-choice and why it's important to fight for legislation that improves access to family planning programs and services.
Youth Leadership Academy
The Youth Leadership Academy is a Planned Parenthood internship program in San Diego for young adults betweentheages of 17 and23.

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