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On August 19, Planned Parenthood health centers across the country were forced out of the Title X program by the Trump-Pence Administration and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Title X is a nearly 50-year old federal program that annually provides 286M to health care providers across the country, in order to help low-income people access family planning services, including birth control.  

The administration implemented a "Gag Rule" that prohibited health care providers that receive Title X funds from providing abortion referrals to their patients, or mentioning abortion as an option. 

With the Title X Gag Rule currently in effect, all California Planned Parenthood affiliates (including Pacific Southwest) that were receiving Title X funding have been forced to withdraw from the Title X program.

Planned Parenthood patients come to us because they expect the best information and health care available, and we have a commitment to give that to them. The Gag Rule has made it impossible to do that and we cannot comply with the unethical and harmful rule that is inconsistent with our mission and values. 

There have been many appeals and efforts against this dangerous and unethical Gag Rule on behalf of Planned Parenthood and other health care providers. With no relief in court, August 19 was the last day for Title X grantees to submit written assurances either confirming that they will no longer be participating in the Title X program, or providing information about the steps they are taking to comply with the new regulations set up by the Title X Gag Rule. All Planned Parenthood affiliates who receive Title X grants have officially withdrawn from the program. However, efforts in court to overturn the Gag Rule continue, and we remain hopeful that Congress will act to protect Title X.

While we are no longer participating in the Title X program, we continue to put patients first and ensure that all who come to Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest can continue to receive medically accurate information about all their options, and can continue to come to Planned Parenthood for abortion care. Planned Parenthood health centers across the nation will continue to do everything they can to care for patients. Planned Parenthood’s doors are still open today, and they will still be open tomorrow.


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