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Thanksgiving is coming up. When I sit at the table and think about what I’m thankful for, I can’t forget the little pill that makes a big impact on my life every day.

My birth control has been a constant, and I can’t say enough about how it has improved my life. When I was younger, I used to suffer from extremely painful periods. Every month I would have painful cramps, vomiting, and headaches that no amount of Advil or Midol could alleviate.

Once, I had to be taken to the emergency room because I was completely immobilized by the pain. Another time, I had my period at school and had to be picked up early when I projectile vomited in the hallway.

But there is a happy ending, and it’s all because of birth control.

Here is a list of reasons my birth control is important to me:

  1. No more cramps! In college, I would miss days from school or work because of cramps I could not control. I have the occasional light cramp now, but nothing compared to the pain I experienced in school — and no more projectile vomiting!
  2. I don’t spend money on tampons or pads anymore. The extra cost women are expected to pay for the feminine hygiene products they need is ridiculous, but because of birth control I have been able to avoid this unfair, costly burden. 
  3. Managing the stigma still associated with periods. Periods and blood are a reality for women but they continue to be something we feel we have to hide or be ashamed of (i.e. the blue fluid in pad commercials). Being cautious of every sneeze or even getting up from a chair can cause so much stress. I had heavy periods before birth control, and it was nice to have the pill regulate my flow enough so I wouldn’t have spotting accidents. 
  4. Control of my life and family planning! Birth control is not just for preventing pregnancy — though that is a good enough reason to keep it around. I can control when and if I will become pregnant, which allows me to make choices based on what my life, my goals, and my body need. Birth control allows me and so many other women the opportunity to control our fertility. Whether or not you want to have children, and when, is a prime example of freedom of choice.

This is the method that works for me; it may not work for everyone. Consult a doctor to decide the best method for you!


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