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Since its launch two years ago, teachers and students have been able to use the Sex Ed To-Go portal for improving their knowledge and skills. Sex Ed To-Go is an online platform that makes teaching sex ed easy. With our curriculum growing, we have been able to help students learn comprehensive sex education and support thousands of educators that regularly teach students about topics including healthy relationships, contraception, pregnancy prevention, reproductive systems, and much more.

One teacher who has found Sex Ed To-Go to be a great resource is Joel Faulkner who teaches 6th to 8th graders at Bolich Middle School in Ohio. His passion for teaching stemmed from wanting to help students make informed decisions about their bodies–something that, to him, is a necessary life skill. His own experience as a student when he received health education wasn’t the most informative or applicable. In fact, he clearly recalls, “In middle school we were learning about who invented penicillin. I remember at that age that didn't help me, and it didn't inform me about my body.” Now, ten years into his career, Joel teaches his students about mental health, sexual health, and social skills in an all-encompassing course that drastically differs from the courses he took when he was a teenager.  

Joel has been using Sex Ed To-Go as a resource for the last two years and loves it. Joel first started using Sex Ed To-Go at the peak of COVID-19 when he needed to make his course lessons more virtual-friendly. He explained that the teacher-facing courses were extremely helpful since they were in bite-sized chunks and the pre-recorded courses are easily accessible. When preparing for his lessons later in the semester, courses offered on Sex Ed To-Go including Teaching Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) helped him to refresh himself on information and content, allowing him to feel prepared and more confident when teaching students.

He also expressed the importance of having good strategies to educate students in an effective and informative manner, which was challenging during the pandemic. He explained that students would often be more comfortable asking questions on Zoom than during in-person instruction. “Students were using the Zoom chat box like a live, anonymous question box,” he said.

The teacher-facing courses on Sex Ed To-Go helped him navigate this new environment of online teaching. The course “Answering Student Questions” reminded him to do enough research before answering a student's question. He explained that students ask challenging questions during sex ed, but it comes from a place of genuine curiosity. Many teachers like Joel recognize that these questions take courage to ask and it's important to recognize students' curiosity while also giving them informed and appropriate answers to their questions.


Sex Ed To-Go goes beyond course material for students. It also provides teachers with techniques and tips on how to comfortably discuss topics surrounding sex ed. Whether it's used as an aid for teachers or as supplemental work for students, Sex Ed To-Go covers a wide range of topics at no cost. Make an account and access all of the student- and teacher-facing courses today.


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