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Defunding Planned Parenthood would affect millions of women and men who come to us for nonjudgmental, compassionate care. Read on for one woman’s experience at Planned Parenthood:

Growing up in a conservative Texas town, I had lots of questions, not only about women’s health but also about my personal health choices. There were almost no options for me to turn to for unbiased, nonjudgmental care. I couldn’t talk to my parents, and my friends knew as little as I did. Remarkably, there was a Planned Parenthood in my community.

At Planned Parenthood, I was able to get treatment, birth control, education, and support that completely changed my life. Knowing more about myself — and how my choices affected my future — was empowering. I didn’t have to worry or leave my future to chance; I had a direct say in what happened to me.

This Planned Parenthood lost funding due to legislation a few years ago and was shut down. To know that hundreds of other women in that community were robbed of the same empowerment is unacceptable. More importantly, if we continue on this terrifying trajectory as a nation, millions of women will lose their say in their own future.

I volunteer and give back to Planned Parenthood because of all they have given to me. From education to top-notch service, I am still a patient at Planned Parenthood. I will continue to stand by them, especially in this turbulent political climate, because I know and have experienced first-hand what they stand for: Support. Support for young women like me who are seeking answers. Knowledge is power, and it is my hope that Planned Parenthood continues to empower women and men across the country.

Make like Grace. Tell your own Planned Parenthood story here.



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