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Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) and Refinery29 debuted three short films starring and co-written by Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award-winning actor Rachel Bloom, showcasing the importance of providing people with accurate information about their health in funny, entertaining ways. You can watch the films, titled “Her Shorts: Sex Ed Sketches,” at Refinery29.com or here:

Rachel Bloom Gets Real About Rape Culture

All The "Weird" Vagina Stuff That's Totally Normal

Rachel Bloom Teaches You Sex Education

In the sketch STD Bus, Rachel Bloom stars as Mrs. Drizzle, a familiar redheaded teacher who educates her students about STDs in a big way. In Is This Normal?, she hosts a game show that normalizes the wide variety of vulva experiences. And in Rape Culture, Bloom sits down with the Devil and his appointed advocate for a frank and honest conversation about sexual assault and rape culture.

“I’m really proud of the ‘Her Shorts: Sex Ed Sketches' and honored that Planned Parenthood Federation of America and Refinery29 asked me to collaborate with them,” said Rachel Bloom, who co-wrote and starred in the films. “I'm a longtime Planned Parenthood supporter, and it was a cool challenge to write something that normalizes sexual health, while also being funny and educational. It was really important to me that the information was accurate, and I learned a lot. I hope the films entertain and inspire people to talk about sex education.”

Planned Parenthood wants all people to have the education, power, and resources to make healthy decisions about their bodies. You can rely on Planned Parenthood to provide honest, accurate information and resources about sex and sexuality, no matter what. Planned Parenthood provides sex education programs and outreach to 1.5 million people in schools and communities across the country every year. 



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