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With the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22, it is important to remember that one in three women in the United States has terminated a pregnancy before she was 40 years old. Yet, we often don’t realize how common abortion is because so few women discuss their experience outside of their closest circle of friends and family.


Planned Parenthood and other leading advocates for reproductive freedom are working to change that. Of course women have the right to privacy and shouldn’t be pressured to disclose personal information, but here’s why more women are open to sharing their abortion stories:

  • When women openly talk about abortion, it reminds us that its a safe, legal and valid medical option
  • Abortion stigma can divide, isolate, and hurt women
  • Women can draw support from each other through their shared experiences
  • Talking about abortion can help us process our feelings, whether they are relief, sadness, or ambivalence

Last year, a national grassroots movement emerged, giving women platforms to share their abortion stories. Turns out, women had a lot to say.

Women have shared their abortion stories by uploading videos onto websites like 1in3campaign, exhaleprovoice.org, and seachangeprogram.org. The response has been overwhelming.

Speaking the truth can be liberating. Sharing it can be revolutionary.


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