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Planned Parenthood opposes the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court — and we’re calling on the Senate to do the same.

Unless the Senate intervenes, Kavanaugh will swing the balance of the court against our constitutional right to access safe and legal abortion in this country. 

We know that Kavanaugh would help overrule Roe v. Wade, because Trump told us — and on this, we should take him at his word. Trump made his litmus test clear: He will only appoint biased justices who would, in his words, “automatically” overturn Roe v. Wade, and who would strike down the Affordable Care Act to boot, making abortion illegal in this country and leaving millions without health care.

That’s Kavanaugh.

The stakes are too high for dodging questions. Nominees must be held to the “Personal Liberty Standard”: They must affirmatively declare that the Constitution protects the individual liberty right of all people to make personal decisions about their bodies and relationships— including the right to use contraception, to have an abortion, and marriage equality.

So much is at stake: This nominee will determine the future of voting rights, LGBTQ rights, the environment, and the right to be free from discrimination in this country.

We cannot allow our children and grandchildren to have fewer rights than we do. Abortion has been legal in this country for more than 45 years. Most people today have only known a country where they’ve had the right to access abortion. Too many already face significant barriers that keep them from accessing that right.

It’s no wonder that women across the country are worried. This is the latest attack by the Trump administration to take away women’s access to health care. 

Americans do not want to see this happen. More than 70 percent of Americans support access to abortion, including a majority of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. 

Planned Parenthood supporters are organizing events in all 50 states, driving phone calls into the Senate, and speaking out at town halls. In the last 18 months, millions of people have marched and flooded town halls and the halls of Congress to demand our rights.

Please join us in fighting for your rights. Contact your Senators now


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