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Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest staff and volunteers helped celebrate National Condom Week with local Condom Crawls in the Gaslamp, North Park, and all across San Diego County.

Their stats:

  • Condoms distributed: 8,000
  • Dental dams distributed: 500
  • Staff & volunteers: 12 teams!

 Jori – our Contact Center training & quality program coordinator – was our Team Leader in North Park. She led a team of 8 women, all of whom work in our Contact Center.

“The experience was overwhelmingly positive,” Jori said. “Everyone was super nice. We weren’t necessarily expecting that — but it was very, very positive.”

Along with giving out 300 condoms, the North Park team had some funny interactions:

“We ran into some pregnant women and they’d tell us, ‘Too late now!’” Jori said.

Jori and her team wore their bright pink “I Stand With Planned Parenthood” t-shirts.

“People would read our shirts, and then they’d hug us and say: ‘I stand with you guys.’”

The team passed out dental dams as well, which occasionally caused confusion.

“People asked, ‘What do you use these for?’” So in addition to giving out free protection, the teams got to educate the public as well.

“I love putting out the word in our community,” Jori said. “And to say: This is what I do, this is what I love, this is what I stand behind.”

To see photos of the Condom Crawls, visit our Facebook page.



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