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1.  Now is the time for Fearless Voices.

We are enthusiastic about celebrating the undaunted spirit of Planned Parenthood at the Anniversary Dinner on March 30, an opportunity to showcase the fearless voices who speak out in defense of Planned Parenthood for the care they provide, the fact-based sex education they provide and the advocacy of reproductive justice for all.

Among those fearless voices is Dr. Willie J. Parker, whom we are proud to honor with our first Fearless Voice Award at our Anniversary Dinner. An advocate for women’s health, and the last remaining abortion provider in Mississippi, Dr. Parker puts his personal safety on the line to make sure women in Alabama, Mississippi and neighboring states continue to get the care that extreme conservative legislators have been trying to deny.

Another fearless voice is our featured speaker, Dr. Carole Joffe, a professor at UC San Francisco’s Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, an expert in the field of reproductive health and politics, and on the history of abortion in the U.S. We are eager to hear her speak on “The Resilience of Planned Parenthood” amid recent challenges, such as the shooting in Colorado, the video stings and other issues.

2.  Every voice—whether it shouts or whispers—matters. 

After a year filled with anti-abortion extremism, false accusations, and alarming violence aimed specifically at Planned Parenthood, all voices, loud or soft, are needed to ring out in a chorus of solidarity with Planned Parenthood. Even though polls show that we are with the majority of Americans who believe women should be trusted to make their own reproductive choices, too often our voices are drowned out by opponents who would deny this constitutionally protected right. We welcome the opportunity to unite on March 30 to create an unwavering vocal force of strength and resolve in support of Planned Parenthood and reproductive justice.

3.  We are inspired by the dedication of the Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest staff and Planned Parenthood workers everywhere. 

Amid real and potential threats that require ongoing security measures, Planned Parenthood employees, nevertheless, remain steadfast, returning to work to deliver the services that people depend on. We are moved by their dedication and relish the chance to let them know how proud of and thankful to them we are.

Besides her volunteer activities at Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest, Rosette is a member of the San Diego Women’s Foundation and volunteers for causes dedicated to benefit women and children. Dan, an oncologist by training, has a long career focused on developing new drugs to treat human disease, including time spent in academic medicine, large pharmaceutical and small biotech companies, and venture capital investing. Married 30 years, they have two children, a daughter Jordan, and a son Griffin.

They hope you’ll say yes and join them at the 53rd Anniversary Dinner on March 30!


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