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The past couple weeks have been very triggering for sexual assault survivors, the people who love them, and — let’s say it — all those with genuine empathy.

Since there seems no immediate end to the chaos, it’s time for a little self care. For the times when you’re mad, sad, or smad, here are some suggestions:

Get active. How about boxing? Or kickboxing? Or punching big orange pumpkins? Moving your body will definitely make you feel better. And stronger. And satisfied.

Get fed. What better way to end your workout than with a pizza and BEER. I LOVE BEER. DO YOU LOVE BEER? I LOVE BEER. Or maybe kale salad is the better choice? Whatever makes you feel good!

Get social. Now is not the time to go catatonic (unless that’s your thing). Now is the time to bond with your equally-marginalized pals and commiserate. Bonus points for putting that anger into action…

Get creative. I don’t know about you, but nothing feels more validating to me than doing a creative project — like knitting pink hats, painting #neverthlessshepersisted on stuff, or writing Halloween haiku:

Pumpkins haunt my dreams.
Especially when they’re tan.
Happy Halloween!

Get fluffy. Pets are the best. They have no knowledge of politics. Except cats. Cats know.

Get sleepy. After you pet your pet, take that big nap.

Get political. You know what you can do, simultaneously, while lying down? Call your senator. Can also accomplish while wearing a purifying face mask and/or moisturizing socks.

Don’t forget to breathe. And persist.



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