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TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS: BEING THE ESSENTIAL RESOURCE FOR YOUTH - 90 minutes to four hour in-house training or webinar via GoTo

This training is designed to provide teachers, social service workers, group home leaders, faith leaders, and others with realistic answers to client questions and behaviors about sexuality. Participants are guided through various information, communication, and advocacy-related skills by trained and certified Health Educators. This workshop can be completed in one day, over several days or as a lunch and learn. Sessions can be tailored and bundled according to the needs of the organization.

Additional sessions may be imported from the Comprehensive Sexuality Health Education list of services. The webinar is a 90 minute condensed training via GoToMeeting, designed to provide the basics to being the essential resource and can be accessed from any computer with internet access. The webinar explores teen pregnancy and STI trends, education surrounding teen pregnancy and STI prevention, and how to become the essential resource. The webinar is offered quarterly and now offers 1.5 CHEC Category 1 for Certified Health Educator Specialists.

Sample sessions for the four hour live training:

Teen Pregnancy and STI Trends
Introduction of the workshop begins with a discussion about current trends surrounding teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections and why it is a cause for concern. Participants will gain a greater understanding of where they fit in the context of their responsibilities and how they influence the youth’s decision-making skills by having the right resources, including the correct information.

Contraceptive Use to Improve Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health
Participants will increase their knowledge of consistent contraceptive use and the options available, including abstinence, barrier, hormonal, and long-term methods, and be confident to share the information with youth. With an increased knowledge of family planning health services through Family PACT, they leave with the skills and confidence to be able to communicate the information to youth so they can make informed healthy choices. This session is supplemented with birth control models and condom demonstrations.

Sexually Transmitted Infections: A Closer Look
During this session, participants will learn about the various STIs including symptoms, testing, treatment and potential consequences of leaving an STI untreated. Sessions are participatory. Participants leave with an increased knowledge of STIs to discuss with youth the importance of consistent protection against STIs and to decrease sexual risk-taking. behaviors.

Becoming the Essential Resource
Participants will learn communication skills and behaviors, including how to implement them towards youth surrounding the subject of sexual health. Participants role play situations to practice the new communication skills they have gained and learn about further resources and websites that can assist them in providing comprehensive sex education in their classroom or with their clients in community settings.

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