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Education for Adults Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties


PARENT-CHILD COMMUNICATION (one and a half hour to three hours)
Gain a greater understanding of communicating values, gender issues, and ways to connect with your children. Parents learn about sexual and reproductive health, including the developmental process, current challenges faced by youth, and gender issues, and explore strategies for communication.

Parent-Child Communication is a one and a half hour to three hours program that can be customized to fit the needs of your group. Additional training on sexually transmitted infections, anatomy and physiology, and birth control methods can be included, and all sessions are available in English or Spanish.

Family Matters in Reproductive Health
Understand the impact of the family in shaping adolescents attitudes and beliefs surrounding reproductive and sexual health. Discuss the current challenges youth face and current local and national trends in sexual health.

Connecting, Communicating, and Goal-setting with Youth
Communication is a three-part process where messages are sent, received, and understood between two or more people. But connections between parents and youth can sometimes be difficult to achieve. In this session, parents will discuss questions surrounding sexual health, gender issues, decision-making, culture, and power dynamics in the family, as well as negotiating, communication, and goal-setting skills for youth.

Linkages and Resources: Building Knowledge and Advocacy Skills
Want to be more engaged in your child's sexual health education and development? Learn to identify teachable moments in everyday life, how to express your concerns, and what issues might hold you back from being more involved. Parents will receive resources on where they can go for information about youth and their needs.


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Education for Adults