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Do you want to know more about staying healthy, having a healthy relationship, and not letting STIs or pregnancy get in the way of the life you want?

Do you want to get the facts about sex, health, and healthy relationships, while earning community service hours?

* Peer Profile form
* Code of Ethics form
* Participant and Parental consent form

Let’s face it, you may not have learned everything you needed to know in sex ed, maybe you didn’t even have sex ed!

Yeah, you had questions, but you weren't about to ask in front of the entire class. (That's what the internet and older siblings are for, right?) Wouldn't health class have been a million times better if it were just you and your best friends, talking about everything you ever wanted to know?

Now YOU can be the one with the answers everyone is looking for!

Whether you like to text, talk, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, put your communications capabilities to use as you teach others about healthy relationships, safe dating, body image, sexuality, and more all while earning community service/volunteer hours!

What is a Peer Education Program?

We get that teens like to talk ... a lot. And we want them to keep talking. However, our goal is to break the cycle of misinformation to dispel myths and clear up locker room rumors by training teens to talk openly and honestly about things that really matter, like safe dating, body image, sexuality, healthy relationships, and more. 

Our Peer Educators are young adults just like you, who live all over Orange and San Bernardino counties. They gain leadership skills while learning about sexual health, and work in their schools and community helping to reduce teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. They also talk to friends and classmates about other stuff, like health, dating violence, local health centers and free hotlines. They talk and listen in new and better ways to help those around them.

Who makes a good Peer Educator?

You do! It doesn't matter where you grew up, who you hang with. You just need to be able to talk with others, listen to what they have to say and be willing to learn about topics that you and your friends may be talking about or going though.

If you're friendly, outgoing, and interested in helping others get the actual facts, then you would be a good candidate for a Peer Educator. Don't worry, we're not going to throw you out there and expect you to know what to do. Through ongoing training, we'll teach you the best ways to talk to others, and answer questions that friends and classmates may ask.

There are some basic requirements, though. You should:

  • Be 15-19 years old
  • Be open to talking about sexual health and related issues (training on how to best engage peers on specific topics will be provided)
  • Enjoy working with people and helping others
  • Be reliable, responsible, and committed to sticking with the program

Sounds interesting? What are the perks?

Peers who complete the 2-day training receive a certificate for their hard work, are invited to participate in our monthly meetings, have the opportunity to volunteer with us in the community, and are invited to attend our annual Peer Banquet. Peers receive community service hours for all time dedicated to the Peer Program and select peers also have the opportunity to attend special events and conferences with our Health Educators. Not to mention that it looks great on college applications! Being a part of the Peer Program is a great way meet new people, make new friends, and become a resource!

To find out more about the Peer Educator Program or sign up for our next training, please email us at [email protected].