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Volunteer Profiles

We thank all of our incredible volunteers for their passion and unwavering commitment to reproductive health care! 

Volunteers in action


Here are a few thoughts from several of our stellar volunteers and interns!

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“Volunteering at Planned Parenthood provided me with a lot of encouragement as I debated pursuing medicine. Even when we had long days, I felt so fulfilled when I went home because I knew I had contributed to something that was going to help other people. I want to continue this passion for change and helping others by becoming a doctor.” — Aziza

“Volunteering with PPNNE is about being part of the energy and passion of staff and other volunteers. Many mission oriented organizations I've worked with or volunteered with in the past draw committed staff and supporters, but I've never seen an organization whose staff and volunteers are as passionate and dedicated to the PPNNE cause as PPNNE staff and volunteers. Being a part of that energy has been very meaningful. Plus everyone is so friendly and enthusiastic that it creates a fun and exciting atmosphere to participate in!” — Eric

“My favorite memories are always the community outreach - two specific events come to mind. Representing Planned Parenthood at Bernie Sanders' Town Hall Meeting was a great way to hear the concerns of Vermonters, but I also just really love tabling on my campus. Having the chance to talk to people about women's health, Planned Parenthood, and have healthy debate is what our outreach is all about.” — Liz

“I always feel that my contributions are appreciated, but more importantly, that they help to make a difference. Everyone I have met in this organization plays an important role, and PPNNE makes sure that everyone receives the support they need, whether it's a lot or a little. I also like that Planned Parenthood places important responsibilities in the hands of its volunteers and this trust makes me want to do the best that I can for the organization.” — Abby

“I had a great experience volunteering, even though it seems like it hasn't been that long. Everyone at the health center was great, very kind and welcoming. It was nice to be able to help in some way; you guys do such important work. Thanks for helping me coordinate everything and giving me this opportunity.” — Emily

“One of my favorite memories of volunteering was tabling at the Keene State College World AIDS Day event. I was able to work with other event coordinators, put on a workshop, and participate in a really awesome two-day event. The World AIDS Day quilt was even there to view.” — Molly

“My mother raised me with a lucid awareness of women’s health and choice issues. I have supported Planned Parenthood’s mission for a long time and signed onto PPNNE’s mailing list over two years ago. I have taken many actions online and over the phone, and at rallies. Recently, I was asked to help out as a greeter. I most enjoy knowing that I am supporting an organization that is there for women when often no-one else is there for them. The staff and volunteers of PPNNE are also wonderful to work with: warm and helpful, you can see that they always have in mind the vital services they provide the community.” — Timothy

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Volunteer Profiles