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Why should I get tested for STDs?

1 in 2 sexually active young people will get an STD before the age of 25, and most won't know it--because in many cases there are NO symptoms! The only way to know is to get tested. 

Putting off care for an STD can have lasting health effects, including infertility, an increased risk of cancer, and an increase risk of HIV and other STDs. 

Knowledge is power! Get tested today. Learn about specific STDs here.



Does STD testing hurt?

In most cases, getting tested for STD is quick and painless. For many tests, all you have to do is pee into a cup! For a few others, we may need to take a very small sample of blood. Our staff will let you know what type of STD testing they recommend for you and how the test is done.

It's important to be honest with us when getting tested so that we can choose the right tests for you. Don't be embarrassed; you can tell us anything, no judgments here.  


Common Myths

If I don’t have symptoms, I don’t need STD testing.

Actually, many STDs have NO symptoms! That's why getting tested is so important.

I don’t have multiple partners, so I don’t need to get tested.

If you are sexually active, it's important to get tested, regardless of the number of partners you have. 

STDs aren’t that common anymore.

STDs are at an all time high, especially for young people. It's important to learn your status by getting tested.

I could tell if my partner had an STD.

You can't always tell if someone has an STD because many have no symptoms. The only way to know for sure is to get tested.  

My doctor probably tested me for STDs when I got my annual exam or check-up. 

You have to ask to be tested for STDs and your doctor won't do it automatically. Don't assume; get tested today.

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